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Mineral programs are an insurance policy for your beef herd
January 25, 2024

Forage alone does not supply sufficient levels of essential vitamins and minerals required by cattle. Feed that doesn't meet an animal's nutritional needs can adversely affect production, including compromised immunity, reduced lactation and lower growth and reproduction rates.

Bailie Barnett, Moose Jaw Co-op's Feed & Livestock Specialist, states, “Minerals are crucial for every stage of the production cycle. When minerals in the ration are deficient or unbalanced, a domino effect occurs that will negatively impact performance.”

The reality is that cattle require mineral supplementation. Implementing a vitamin and mineral program is an effective and economical approach to preventing costly health issues.

Understanding mineral types

Minerals come from three different sources with varying degrees of bioavailability. (The more bioavailable a mineral is, the more the mineral consumed by the animal will be absorbed and used.) These include:

  • Inorganic minerals are generally less expensive but typically less bioavailable to the animal than other mineral sources.
  • Organic minerals are bound to an amino acid or other organic molecule. They are readily absorbed by the animal (have high bioavailability) but are more expensive. These types of minerals are most advantageous when used during periods of high stress, like weaning.
  • Hydroxy trace minerals are bound to hydroxyl groups that allow them to bypass rumen digestion, which increases the amount of mineral absorbed by the animal (highly bioavailable). It is a medium-cost product effective for use during critical production phases (like weaning, breeding, and calving), or as part of a year-round mineral program.

An option for every farm

We have several products available to fit your farm, herd and needs.


PerforMAX mineral is Moose Jaw Co-op’s choice premium mineral blend which utilizes highly bioavailable mineral sources, natural vitamin E and calcium magnesium carbonate. PerforMAX products are an ideal choice for high producing herds, when feeding low-quality forages during high-stress times (like calving and breeding) and when antagonists (like sulphur, iron and molybdenum) are present in forages or water. It also contains a proprietary Weatherprotect Technology to defend against environmental losses from wind and rain. It is designed to be fed with a targeted intake of 100 grams per day for a mature cow.

  • PowerPak – Formulated with both hydroxy and chelated minerals to support animals during high stress times.
  • PowerMin – Contains hydroxy trace minerals and is ideal for year-round use under various feeding situations.

Elite Breeder

Elite Breeder is an organic (chelated) mineral package that includes organic selenium and high levels of vitamins A, D and E for improved performance during calving, breeding and weaning. Elite Breeder is also ideal if water or forage quality is poor and when iron, sulphur or molybdenum are present in the diet.

  • Elite Breeder Mineral Tub – Palatable molasses-based lick tub with high levels of calcium, magnesium and vitamin E. Formulated for a targeted intake of 250 g per day.

Co-op Range Minerals

These are a group of economical yet solid mineral options from inorganic mineral sources. They are intended to be fed free choice with a targeted intake of 100 grams per day:

  • 1:1 Beef Cattle Range Mineral – Ideal when feeding high legume forages/rations.
  • 1:1 Beef Cattle Range Mineral Block – Comes in a block form for ease of handling.
  • 1:1 Mineral (Salt-free) – To be mixed with salt before use.
  • 2:1 Cattle Range Mineral – For use with a wide variety of feeding situations, including mixed forage, pasture or grass forage, including cereal forages like greenfeed and silage.
  • 2:1 Summer Cattle Range Mineral – The same as 2:1 Cattle Range Mineral but includes garlic flavour.
  • 3:1 Cattle Range Mineral – For use with forages low in calcium like corn.

We’re here to help

Barnett says that “Choosing the right mix of minerals takes careful thought and planning, but ultimately comes down to whether the needs of the cattle are being met.” As feed specialists in animal nutrition, our team can walk you through each step of the process to help you achieve your production goals. Get in touch today!

Bailie Barnett, Feed and Livestock Specialist, Moose Jaw Co-op at Avonlea, Liberty and Moose Jaw


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