Store front of Moose Jaw Co-op at Liberty
Co-op store front at Liberty, Saskatchewan
Liberty = Community and Convenience
January 10, 2024

Providing a unique blend of convenience and old-world charm, this small store offers groceries, hardware, agricultural equipment, feed, and agronomy support, as well as tire installation and repair.

Branch Manager Aline Guillas takes pride in the exceptional service they offer their community. “We try to save time for our customers and help them out in a pinch,” she comments. “We can also get just about any item shipped in from other Moose Jaw Co-op locations, which makes Liberty a convenient drop point for customers. They don’t need to travel very far for products.”

Service is at the Core of Our Business

“I’m really proud of the fact that our team is so friendly and helpful,” says Guillas. “It’s what we’re known for. Small-town customers appreciate having knowledgeable staff who can offer quality service.”

The Liberty location supports the local farming community as well as the Last Mountain Lake region by offering automotive supplies, a tool selection, paint, electrical, plumbing, convenience items, and a variety of small appliances.

“Despite our size, we make sure to stock the products that members need regularly to make their lives a little more convenient,” she adds. “When there’s a new flyer that features a product we don’t necessarily carry, we’re happy to order it in if it’s available. Customers can buy hunting and angling licenses, and we’re always ready to quote on metal roofing or siding.”

Basically, it comes down to making sure members have a pleasant shopping experience that delivers the products they’re looking for.

What Customers Need

Despite assumptions that a small physical location may limit offerings, the Liberty store has creative storage solutions that allow them to stock more than what meets the eye.

Guillas reveals, “Many customers don’t know that we’ve always got hot water heaters on hand and complete toilet sets. We’ve definitely got more stock than what you first expect,” she asserts.

Living in a village without a potable water system, the Liberty location meets local needs by selling 5-gallon bottled water. The store carries seasonal items like patio tables, lawn chairs, and propane fire pits, and bagged firewood is available all year. They also have a shop for new tire installation and tire repairs.

Grow More with Local Agronomy Expertise and Crop Inputs

Beyond general retail, the Liberty location plays a crucial role in supporting local agriculture and is always looking for ways to better serve their farm customers. Currently, they offer aeration fans and fuel storage tanks, with fertilizer storage bins soon to be available.

The location is home base to Daphne Cruise, Sales Agronomist, who serves as the front-end support for grain farmers. “She is an excellent technical resource for growers and can make crop input recommendations, do field scouting, and more,” says Guillas.

The agronomy services are supported by timely access to products. Farmers can pick up the phone and order just about any crop input product they need - from fertilizer to seed to chemicals.

It also means local growers will be eligible for equity on those purchases – not something other crop input retailers offer.

A Community Hub

Following their amalgamation with Moose Jaw Co-op last year, Guillas highlights the positive impact on the Liberty location. The administrative support received from the head office has elevated the service provided to members, reinforcing the sense of community and support.

"It's taking a load off of our team here, and we're able to do better for our members," she states.

Guillas adds, “Customers stop here because they know there’s a good chance we’re going to have what they need. If we don’t, we’ll get it for them. That’s the reputation we’re trying to build.” The Liberty location is not just a store – it’s a community hub committed to convenience, exceptional service, and meeting the unique needs of its members. Whether you’re looking for hardware, groceries, agricultural supplies, or tire services – stop  in and see for yourself.

Give us a call! 

Liberty General Store: (306) 847-2020

Liberty Crop Inputs: (306) 630-2390

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