2024 Scholarships
May 2, 2024

To demonstrate our commitment to young people in our community, Moose Jaw Co-op is sponsoring three $2,000 scholarships for graduating Grade 12 students. In addition to this, we also have three $2,000 scholarships for students who are employed by Moose Jaw Co-op.


  1. Must have an active membership with Moose Jaw Co-op or be a family member living in the same household as an active member with purchases of $5,000 or more in the previous year.
  2. Must be a Grade 12 student who is graduating in the year of application.

DEADLINE: The 2024 application deadline is May 31.


Community Scholarships — Please submit your application here through our online scholarship platform.

Moose Jaw Co-op Employee Scholarships — Please note the criteria is different from the above. Submit your employee scholarship application here.

Moose Jaw Co-op partners with Do Some Good to power our application forms. You will be directed to create an account on Do Some Good.

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